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About Us

Welcome to My Addie's Attic.  I am a mom of three who has a passion for finding quality, beautiful children's clothing for all occasions.  I started The Attic (as I like to refer to my little shop) to have fun, engage with other moms, and to pursue my dream of owning a little something of my own.

I am located in Northern California but being an online shop I have no borders.  I come from the corporate world where I took a break to watch my darlings grow and cherish the small amount of time we have with them before they wake up one morning all grown up.  

I will research and provide only quality products with an emphasis on items made in the USA and UK.  Being a boutique, quantities will be limited at times.  Also be aware when ordering that specialty and European clothing tend to run smaller then what you may be used to seeing in the big box stores.  

Domestic shipping is always FREE and I am very flexible with returns.  Please see our return and privacy policy here for more details.

I won't be happy unless you are so please always provide your comments both good and bad so that I can learn and grow with you.

Thank you for checking out The Attic and happy shopping.